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Is porn a form of art? Porn is now very much a port of everyday life, says Lena from London escorts, and I keep wondering if it is becoming an art form. Almost everything has a porn or sex aspect to it, and even when we go to buy a perfume, we may find that the promotional material is kind of porno. Some of the girls here at London escorts do not agree with me, but I know that many of the girls here at London escorts think that porn has sneaked into all parts of life.

Porn Is Art

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But is porn art? I think that porn can be considered an art form says Lena from London escorts. If you start looking at some porn photography, it can be very beautifully done and can indeed look like art. A couple of the girls who work for London escorts also do some part work for an adult photographer in London, and they say that some photos are very artistic. Not only that, but porn has always been a part of art. Siva, and Indian girl who works for London escorts, says the Kama Sutra is actually art. Hentai which is Japanese drawn porn is becoming more and more popular in the UK. I date a couple of gents at London escorts who are really into Hentai, or other Japanese art form. We don’t really have very much of a history of that kind of porn here in the UK, and the first time I heard about Hentai porn was from a gent I met at London escorts. He was really into Hentai porn. In Japan, Hentai porn is big business and you can even visit exhibitions. Just another thing that I learn from one of my foreign dates at London escorts.

Sensual Element

India also has a big artful porn industry, and believe it or not, some really good porn movies are made in India. Siva, our super talented Indian girl here at London escorts, have brought back porn movies from India. Many of them have been really good and they have all had a kind of sensual element to them. Porn stars in India are not treated very differently from ordinary movie stars, and I keep on wondering if people in India have a different attitude to porn. Siva has been with London escorts for a few years, and her attitude to dating is very sensual. Many gents say that Siva is their favorite escorts at London escorts. Will we see more porn in everyday life? Personally I think that we will see more porn in everyday life. Most people seem to have a much more relaxed attitude towards porn and that helps. A few years ago, no one talked about dating London escorts. These days, you do hear London escorts mentioned in conversation. I think it has become more acceptable to date escorts, and the increase in visitors to London escorts confirms that. Hopefully in the future, we will relax our attitude towards other things within the adult industry in the UK.

Total Artform

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I cannot say that I consider all types of porn an artform, but I am prepared to be open minded about it, says Lena from London escorts. Some people probably still think that porn is a bit risky, and not their cup of tea. To be honest, I don’t really fill my life with porn, but I do think that there are many good ideas and angles of porn art there on show. When I first joined London escorts, my attitude towards porn was different. Now, after having worked for London escorts for a few years, I have come to accept that we need a little bit of porn in our lives. Mind you, some gents who date us girls here at London escorts do not seem to be into porn at all. They date London escorts because they like a little bit of companionship. That is fine as well, and not everything should be about porn. I like working for London escorts and I enjoy dealing with many different aspects of the job. Some of our dates are porn addicts, others are not. I don’t really make a big deal about porn, and I don’t think that we should. Perhaps we should see porn as adult entertainment. After all, our idea of fun changes as we grow older, finishes Lena from London escorts. Maybe that is a very good way to look at the wonderful world of porn.